What is going on with digital media?


from Contego Solutions

While it is important to be timely, the importance of being first has faded over the years. With the rise of social media, it is hard to deliver accurate information before anybody else. News spreads faster now than ever before. It is the responsibility of major news sources to not get intimidated by the amount of news that circulates the internet so quickly. They need to focus on finding the true facts and reporting them to the public.

In Who cares if it’s true?, author Marc Fisher talks about modern newsrooms and their changing values. One of the news outlets that Fisher mentions is Buzzfeed., and how the company is making changes.

“They’ve decided it makes good journalism and business sense to assure readers that their posts are true,” says Fisher.

Buzzfeed is now hiring editors and focusing on the correctness of the things that they publish. Not only are they concerned with the grammatical correctness of their articles, but they are making sure that what they are reporting accurate facts.

Even quick media is improving its accuracy. While it is not as important to the viewers of Twitter to get accurate facts than subscribers to a print newspaper, people are trying to improve the state of the news.

“…the Knight Foundation just issued a $320,000 grant to support development of software that determines if viral videos are real,” says Fisher.

Like the Knight Foundation’s Software, the news company Digital First uses a site called Storyful, which helps identify interesting, relevant, and appropriate news stories.

“Storyful’s staff of 18 monitors social media, YouTube, and other video sources to see what images and stories are trending; then they try to verify if the video is what it purports to be and pass along the results to their clients in newsrooms,” says Fisher.

As even the most traditional of news media outlets become more digitally present, facts are still a key part, therefor, fact checking sites and software are being developed for quick access to stories. Hopefully, the Journalist’s of the world will realize that more important than speed, is accuracy, and they will dig into their traditional roots to find those values.


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